New Zealand is known as the land of opportunities and immense lucrative lifestyle that makes many aspiring immigrants to show more interest towards moving to the country. People in this country lavish a great life with standard living style, better education, literacy and expectancy that makes the country to stand at the top list among other countries.

Eligibility Criteria:

Be younger than 55 years of age when you are invited to apply.

Have at least competent English.

Score At least 100 points tests, based on Age, Qualification, Experience, and other Factors.

Have skill assessed by assessing authority.

Meet the health and character requirements.

Visa Description

Permanent Residence Visa: Initial visa will be issued for 2 years which can be renewed for 5 years, post completing 1 year of stay.

Visa Benefits

Multiple Entries with Unrestricted right of Education, work, live and medicals and Children born in New Zealand will be New Zealand citizen by birth

Citizenship: - Apply for Citizenship post completing 3 years of stay in New Zealand.

Provides the country passport and government benefits like education (domestic fees, medicals and social security benefits).

1st Stage:

The first stage of the application is involved with submit the EOI application under-skilled Migration Category and receive the invitation for further process.

Providing the required documents as per checklist to (Vincenzo Immigration).

Fees: - 530 NZ for 1st stage.

Processing Time: - based on the points (Invitation round will be conducted every 2 weeks. Validity: - EOI application will be valid for 2 years.

2nd Stage:

The Second stage of the application is involved with skill assessment with New Zealand Qualifications Authority.


Standard process: 445 NZD with processing time of 25 to 35 days

Bachelors- Only- (445 NZD)

Masters- Then (445+445 NZD)

Qualification before 1988- 275 NZD (445+275 NZD)

Fast Track Option: 404 NZD with the processing time of 10 to 15 days.

Validity: - Assessment outcome is valid for 2 years.

3rd Stage:

The Third stage is involved with submitting the addition documents to process the Visa application.

Providing the addition required documents to Vincenzo Immigration.

All the family members should attend the medicals.

Should provide the PCC for all the family members who are above 16 years for age.

4th Stage:

The Fourth Stage is involved with submitted the Visa application for New Zealand immigration.

Visa Fees:

Online + Paper Based Application: - 2480 NZD for family (children below 23 years) + 830 NZD (Levy Fees)

Processing time: - 4 to 6 months from the date of submission of Visa application