Permanent residence programmes for entrepreneurs, businessmen, and HNIs are being developed all over the world. It's a terrific moment to settle overseas with your family and explore business opportunities now that the immigrant environment is improving. Based on your preferences and future plans, Texas Review can assist you in selecting the best lodging option. Many nations offer investment or business visas to attract immigrants with business experience who want to start a firm or invest in a foreign country. You can be interested in both creating a new firm and purchasing an existing one that is situated overseas. The Golden Visa Program is typically used for residences under investment programmes. People who have both talent and drive have recently emerged.

High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) might move abroad and work and live in their new country of residency by investing abroad. In addition, as part of their worldwide ambitions, many are looking into multi-generational investment opportunities in other countries.

Investor immigration programmes exist in Australia and Canada, which allow migrants to get an alternate residence visa while continuing to run a business in their home country. These investor programmes are designed to attract international investors with enough personal wealth and management experience. Each country that offers investment opportunities has its own set of rules and qualifying criteria.


  • Lower operational cost
  • More talented team
  • Business friendly laws and regulation
  • Untapped market opportunity
  • Government incentives and low taxes
  • Simple business registrations
  • Emerging markets and trends


  • Australia
  • Canada
  • UK
  • US


Hash Overseas advises entrepreneurs and investors on how to make the best foreign investment decisions. We examine your profile and recommend the optimal option based on your personal and professional objectives.

Investigate opportunities for settling overseas with your family while doing business abroad. We'll assist you in determining the best residency option for you based on your tastes and future objectives. We can advise on international investment needs because we have excellent financial and institutional reputation.

Hash Overseas helps you get the most out of your overseas investment and launch your family business abroad with experienced guidance and committed support.

Generally, after 5 years of residence in a European Union (EU) country, you can obtain permanent residence by investing in that country.